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Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh

Spirit Yoga Foundation, founded by Yogi Simant, is a volunteer-run, upcoming international non-profit organization(NGO) dedicated to the cause of world-peace. To achieve this goal foundation believes urgent need of individuals steeped in spiritual wisdom and compassion. Foundation aims at helping individuals to tap their potentials to grow as a compassionate, spiritually vibrant and wise human-being with the help of the science of Yoga and Meditation.

Spirit Yoga Foundation was established in 2009 (Registration No.24747D) Our foundation is registered as a society under section 12A, Income Tax Act 1961. Also our society has taken exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, it permits donors benefit of income tax exemption on their donation. “ Spirit Yoga Foundation is recognized by Yoga Alliance.”


YOGI Simant is your fellow pilgrim and is the guide of your path to a highly spirited life full of energy and happiness. He will be with you throughout your life as a wise counsellor and an empathetic comrade on your highway to accomplishments, freedom and connectivity.

Simant hails from Uttarakhand, otherwise known as Dev Bhumi the land of Gods. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, the holy Indian state hosts the grandeur of Himalays with a long tradition of holy Ashrams, monasteries and pilgrim centers of the Vedic and Upanishad vintage.


Yoga, when incorporated with its stress relieving exercises helps rejuvinate this area of the brain. therefore , reg we are starting with our new project of Hatha yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh which comprises of five main courses:

Kriya yoga, Inner Manthan,
100, 200 and 300 Hour teacher training programs. We have initially given workshop nationwide in various strata of occupation like, government services, educational institutions, private sector and also conducted a workshop with MS.WEI-YUN YANG (PRESIDENT: TAIWAN SOCIETY OF CREATIVE SPRITUAL ENERGY) a group,

Courses We Offered  

Kriya Yoga

The word, “KRI” means karma and the word “ YA ” means Soul . The objective of Kriya Yoga is the union of the Body elements with the Spirit by using inhalation and exhalation.

The best thing about Kriya Yoga is that it can be done constantly at all times irrespective of whatever activity we are engaged in. By constantly observing the breath which enters and leaves the body, at every moment gives us tremendous energy.

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Inner Manthan Meditation

Inner-Manthan as a special course module is designed to churn the deep thoughts with mindful, meditative state. As we all know the gravity is a real Force of our existence and Inner Manthan is the process of arriving at this gravity with systematic thoughts and actions.

Inner Manthan Meditation causes the mind to ignore external distractions by focussing inward into cosmic consciousness from which all thoughts originate.

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100 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training:

This is a preliminary level induction programme emerged as an unique opportunity, where quest to inner self germinates.

  • The main focus is to sensitize the person with the technical aspect of Hatha Yoga ('ha' denotes the pranic (vital) force governing the physical body and 'tha' denotes the chitta (mental) force) including Aasan (Postures), Pranayam (Breath Control) BANDH, MUDRAS and Meditation.
  • To enhance the circulation of energy channels which allows spontaneous energy flow inside the soul and body and help you to attain a state of Dhyana and Samadhi.
  • To create a state of relaxation where random thoughts can be kept at bay.
  • To improve the balance of the body so as to promise a good health and pure soul.
  • To strengthen a person as an emerging yoga teacher with a certified certificate from
  • To produce vibrant and skilled yoga teachers, who are capable in doing their own practice at personal manner.
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200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training:

This is a secondary level induction programme emerged as an opportunity, where quest to inner self propagate.

  • The main focus is to associate the person with the technical aspect of Hatha Yoga by introducing them to theory and practical classes.
  • Once the person has completed its preliminary level, he/ she is ready to imbibe a second level with higher intensity of acquiring.
  • This module will also cover a full introduction of preliminary programme, so as to help those who had not attended the preliminary programme.
  • It has been designed in such a manner, so that after the completion of the programme the participant will become an independent teacher of yoga.
  • This programme will help in curing chronic ailments and reform each cell of the body.
  • To stand with a unique identity where a person can be identified with a decipherable aura among the crowd.
  • Will connect you to super natural power to convert you into a healer with astonishing shadow of yoga.
  • Your silence will speak to the nature and will read the language of cells, tissues and organs to fulfill their demands.
  • You would be able to travel with your circulatory fluid and maintain a level of homeostasis at the buried condition
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300 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training:

This is a tertiary level challenging opportunity, where quest to inner self completes and you become a complete
yoga guru and a authentic researcher.

  • The ultimate outcome of this course module is to focus on genetic level in order to enhance the beauty of his life.
  • To produce a creator, mentor, a yogi, a persona with remarkable aura.
  • To create a depot of self realization where sky is the limit and gene is the strength of inheritance
  • To create an induction factor to implant the state of peace, relaxation and silence.
  • This module is frame in such a manner so as to facilitate the journey of soul from womb to grave
  • A person can experience himself floating in the amniotic fluid, sleeping on the moist lotus petals.
  • This course module will help in rejuvenating the sense and power of body, mind and soul through active and passive teaching pattern at dusk and dawn
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Meditation and Science:

The purification of mind is known as meditation. In other words, meditation helps the mind to focus at a point, i.e. , it leads the mind to focus on a single path and look deep inside oneself.

The methods of meditation help us to gain victory against the deeper levels of our being and guide us to the highest state of realization.

Yoga courses in Rishikesh:

Rishikesh known for the yoga courses and schools is known as the yoga capital. Spirit yoga foundation situated in Rishikesh, is a yoga school which focuses on both the traditional and the modern methods of yoga.

Spirit yoga foundation has come up with Hatha yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh which comprises of five main courses: Kriya yoga, Inner Manthan, 100, 200 and 300 Hour teacher training programs.
About Yoga:

It is a 5000-year-old Indian philosophy which is a combination of breathing, exercises, meditation, diet and relaxation. It unites physical and mental disciplines to make a body stronger and healthier and also makes the mind calmer and better controlled leading to self realization.

It stresses on the relationship between body, mind and breath and aids in synchronizing the breath and our movement.

Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh :

Hatha yoga is a preparatory stage to qualify for higher Yoga and meditation (Rajyoga) Body is the temple of the soul. Without awareness of this body-shrine, we cannot have access to ever-shining eternal–light dwelling in our innermost. It is difficult for a body diagnosed with stiffness, imbalance, and instability, blockades and stored toxins to enter into higher Yoga and meditation.

Yoga classes in Rishikesh :

The yoga classes in Rishikesh takes place in the embrace of Mother Nature. The classes happen daily by the riverside or in the early morning sun in order to help the student to gain the freshness and the spiritual energy of the nature.

This enhances the process of purification and also aids in meditation.

Breathing and  Science :

The brainstem is the primary respiratory area. this area controls breathing, heartbeat, swallowing and other involuntary body functions.

Any damage to the brainstem may lead to impairment of important bodily functions including respiratory arrest.
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The fruit of silence…..is Prayer
The fruit of Prayer….. is Faith
The fruit of Faith……..is love
The fruit of Love …….is Service
- Mother Teresa 
“Now Monks, I have nothing more to
tell you but all that is composed
will decay. Strive after your own
-Lord Buddha
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